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Spray foam roof involves spraying a liquid on an existent roof to generate a solid layer. The spray fabric expands to produce memory. This type of roof has existed since the early 1960s. SPF roof is appropriate for practically any environment and could last for up to 50 decades. The expense of setting up sprat polyurethane foam rides on the depth and construction arrangement. Pros of SPF Roofing Spray foam articulates air, moisture, and renewable barrier thus facilitating energy efficiency The SPF roof Is Extremely lasting -- due to the ability in expanding and contracting, there is minimal likelihood of fractures and splitting They are waterproof and eloquent -- continuous coating without a joints removes potential vulnerabilities of leaking Environmentally friendly -- products used to get spray asphalt roofing are all free of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), Low in the emission of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), Zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP). The SPF does not tear and wear easily hence minimal stripping that removes costly roof tear-offs Built-up Roofing This type of roofing is also called tar and gravel. Built-up roof incorporates switching layers of asphalt and supporting cloths onto the roof. Depending on the density you would like to add in the roof, you'll be able to decide the number of layers which can be installed ensuring the topmost layer include of gravel/stone. The purchase price to include this type of roof rides on the installment materials you choose. A well-maintained built-up roof may last for upto 40 decades. Benefits of Built-up Roofing They are seamless and waterproof -- Built-up roof features a continuous Good coating which eliminates the most vulnerable place for leaking It offers protection from infrared beam .